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PocketVNA offers probably the best functionality/price ratio of all low cost VNA instruments on the market today. Developed and manufactured in Germany, you can't go wrong.

PocketVNA is specified from 500kHz to 4GHz, measurements slightly outside this range might be possible at reduced specs, but are not guaranteed.

Please see the Specification tab for more information.

The standard pocketVNA package includes:

  • The pocketVNA hardware;
  • USB cable;
  • PocketVNA software (Download version).

When you buy this item from us you will also receive the standard pocketVNA 4-piece calibration kit, which includes:

  • 1x Amphenol 132360 (50Ω Load)
  • 1x Amphenol 202112 (Open)
  • 1x Amphenol 132331 (Short)
  • 1x Amphenol 132169 (Through - This can be either use to connect two cables for through calibration or to convert the three OSL standards above into a female calibration kit)

With this kit the user will be able to calibrate the pocketVNA for performing reflection measurements, such as antenna tuning, cable length measurement, etc.

Communication ports
PC connection 1x mini-USB
General data
Hardware version 2.0
Type 2-port Vector Network Analyzer
Weight 110g
Hardware specifications
Dynamic range @350 MHz up to 70 dB (System dynamic range); @4 GHz up to 40 dB (System dynamic range). Please, note that the dynamic range varies upon frequency, calibration parameters and measurement speed.
Frequency range 500kHz ~ 4GHz
Frequency setting resolution 1Hz
Impedance 3 ~ 1000Ω
Measurement speed About 10 ms per step plus communication (for example a 1001 points scan takes 12 seconds)
Measures reflection coefficients (S11) Magnitude and phase
Measures transmission coefficients (S21) Magnitude and phase
Number of steps 1 ~ 10001
Output power -14 dBm at 100MHz
Scan Linear, logarithmic and listed
Other Can be used as a signal generator
Calibration OSL calibration functionality
Export Excel, Touchstone
Linux Yes
MacOS X Yes
Plot S-Parameter, Impedance, Phase, Resistance, Reactance, VSWR
Plot in Smith Chart Yes
Saving Save complete sets of measurement together in one proprietary project file
Time domain measurements Yes
Windows Yes
Test ports
RF connectors 2x SMA female

pocketVNA 2.0 + calibration kit

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